Anna Malmberg, a freelance photographer, lives between Paris and Stockholm together with her fiancé and their son Sonny Lou. Today we want to show kids’ room in their Stockholm home, a blend of bohemian and vintage style.

What I love about this room is that is it not a standard kids room (with pastel colors). It has a boho chic vibe with lots of vintage touches and some contemporary products.

You can find modern dolls and toys and also furniture bought at flea markets. Colours, textures and patterns are mixed and yet they look so cute together. A poster with contemporary typography is combined with an antique frame. Worn textures coexist with a new elements.

Let’s see the rest of the room. Enjoy every detail!


They have chosen different patterns and colours for the textiles. A light garland and wooden letter serve as headboard 


A vintage piano toy and chair are combined with a house shelf for displaying small objects (stamps or figurines)


They use a simple box as a nightstand. Some new and vintage ‘treasures’ decorate this corner


We really love this bold mixture of modern and vintage products. They fit perfectly together.


This corner is perfect to read, rest or play. The grey canopy  and cushions provide warmth and fun, so they create a relaxed yet playful vibe


The hardness of the antique blackboard and leather gloves looks well with some delicate, pale honeycomb balls

We hope you like this kid’s bedroom as much as we like!


+info: Anna Malmberg