Some time ago we found this wonderful room inspired by a circus big top…we simply fell in love with it so we contacted the project’s creators, Nimú, a little interior design studio owned by a Dutch and a Spanish. They met while they were studying interior design in Madrid and —after working in different places separately— they decided to make their dreams come true and they founded Nimú together!

They can tell you the rest of the story 😉

“When they asked us to decorate that kids’ room, the first thing we realized was that it was a wonderful space plenty of light, high ceilings, wonderful windows and floors…so it was clear that we had to take advantage of all that strength points. We proposed to paint the ceiling instead the walls to get something similar to a circus big top. On this way, we could preserve all that special space and add a children’s touch.”


“Like the rest of this house’s furniture (we have decorated the whole), children’s is a mix of vintage (the wardrobe and the chair) and functional pieces (table and shelves). Toys are much more than a simple ornament in a children’s space. The cardboard rocket limits the playing area. We chose a big wicker basket to keep the rest of the toys. The owners wanted to have more toys in an organized way to decide when they wanted to give them to Nicolás. So we suggested a set of vintage hangers with fabric bags to keep a huge quantity of toys.”





We are really curious, we want to know everything! Here you are a list to know where does every element of this room comes from:

  • The crib by OEUF NYC, Sparrow Gris model. It can be turned into a children’s bed
  • The wardrobe is an Antique French piece which comes from La Europea (shop in Madrid)
  •  The chair is a vintage piece from Pez (shop in Madrid)
  •  Table by Ikea
  •  Shelves by Ikea
  •  Poster ABC ZOO by Nimú
  •  Paper plane purchased in a Portuguese street market
  •  Wooden camera by Nimio
  •  Cardboard rocket by Kids on the roof

Pictures:  Jose Luis de Lara

+info: Nimú