There is something so calming and beautiful about a minimal, bright, white, clutter free kids room. Much like our adult bedrooms can be a place to escape to, away from the mess and chaos of everyday life, so too, a kids bedroom can be a place of calm and escape.

Minimal doesn’t mean boring or cold. As you’ll see from the rooms below, they’re all charming, warm and anything but boring. Minimal simply means not filling every bit of space you have, keeping the colours in similar tones and mostly having closed storage. If you are already a fan of minimal kids rooms, you’ll love these ones below. And if you’re not, you may just change your mind:


This room does minimal with a playful touch so well.  It’s very much a kids room and isn’t boring in any way but is yet so pared back.


Combining natural wooden tones with lots of white instantly adds warmth, yet keeps the look clean and bright.There’s plenty of easily accessible closed storage which helps to keep the look minimal.


This room combines vintage charm with a clean look.The simple wooden decorations add a bit of magic to the room without adding any clutter or chaos.


This boys room does minimal with lots of style. A little black and grey combined with lots of white makes a calm and inviting space for practically any age.


If you prefer a bit of colour in your kids’ rooms, then this room is for you. It’s still a bright, white, minimal room but this time with small pops of bright colour and lots of playful touches.

All of these rooms have their own take on minimal style but each of them is a calm, bright space, free of any clutter. Of course it’s not always easy to achieve a clean, clutter-free space in a kids room but we can all dream, right?

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