Incorporating elements of nature into the places where we live, learn and work is currently big in the world of interior design. This is known as Biophilic design. Human’s have an innate love of nature and living things, and particularly children. Connecting people with nature has been shown to improve their health and wellbeing. By reducing stress, blood pressure and heart rates.  It is also thought to increase calmness, creativity and learning.

Children have a natural affinity for nature. They are captivated, inspired and stimulated by the natural world.

Exposing children to nature, both inside and outside the home will improve their well being, concentration and creativity. But will also develop their love of nature and a desire to preserve and protect it for the future.

So how do we introduce nature into children’s spaces?

There are 3 ways in which you can introduce nature into your kids spaces.

1. Incorporating nature itself into a space. This may include natural sunlight, fresh air, pot plants, green walls and sounds of nature to name a few. Opening windows and dressing the window with curtains or blinds that do not block the light during the day. Adding plants. although these may need to be placed out of reach or even faux plants to prevent them from being eaten by toddlers!

2. Introducing shapes and textures that are reminiscent of natural forms and natural materials. For example timber, stone, nature photography, wallpaper and artwork. There is an endless choice of nature inspired products, particularly in kids design. Wooden floors and furniture, wicker and natural colours such as green, brown, blue and neutrals create a natural feel.

We love the nature inspired wallpapers from Wild Hearts Wonder to create a soothing but interesting space for kids of any age.

For those of us who are less green fingered, plant shaped cushions  provide a lifelong natural touch!

Or these gorgeous felt pebbles provide a space for lounging or reading.

3.  The final tip is to use the nature of a space to create a cosy nook or secluded spot, reminiscent of a secret den in the woods. In the room below the sloping ceiling provides a cozy corner for the wooden bed, surrounded by plants on the walls.

We love the idea of introducing nature into our kids spaces in whatever way captivates a child’s interest and imagination.


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