As you many of you know, I love creative, open-ended toys. They foster play, inspire creativity, and spark imagination. These are toys that have the potential to be different every time children play with them. Furthermore, kids of all ages can be incorporated into their play. If you have more than one child, you know what I am talking about.

Brumm is one of this toys. It’s a wooden building block set that kids can use to create lots of vehicles: cars, trucks, ambulances, caravans… Seven pieces, one base, and endless possibilities.


Unai Rollán, the designer, has created 7 clean, elegant and functional pieces of wood that can be easily assembled in different ways. Inspired by the geometric lines of the 70’s and 80’s vehicles, Bruum is not just one car, it is all the cars you can imagine!


You can also build the environments: a petrol station, a wooden warehouse… and use stickers to customise your creations. The only limit is your imagination!


The carefully handcrafted pieces are made out of natural beech wood (they are designed to last). At Brumm e-shop, you will find three sets: Original, Color and Black. bruum-wood-toy-13


One base, seven pieces for imagining, building and creating. Love, love, love!


+ info: Brumm – Unai Rollán