Today we travel to a very special city. It is made entirely of cork. It is as big or small as you want. You can assemble and disassemble as you wish. Would you want to add a castle? Maybe a factory? Do you prefer a bigger house? Everything is possible in Cork City. Let your imagination fly!

Today I want to show you City Cork and City Cork-mini designed by Paralela. They are are two sets of 27 or 14 eco-friendly cork blocks of different shapes and sizes that will stimulate the creativity of children. They can easily construct buildings (factories, castles, palaces…) or a small town to create their own narrative.




The sets include a bag with printed suggestions, perfect to store the pieces and carry them anywhere, but there are lots of possibilities! You and your kids can make infinite towns and buildings. Children can also build balance towers without dropping the blocks. You can start with the most basic shapes for little ones and add complexity as they grow.


toy-blocks-cork-city toy-blocks-cork-city2

Paralela is a brand of products designed and produced by Carla Figueiredo and Luís Valente and an online shop with a careful selection of designer products which they identify with, chosen by their design, function and quality. In particular, you cannot miss their home products!

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+ info: Paralela