The Volkswagen Camper Van is one of the most iconic vehicles ever. A van that was a lot more than a simple vehicle: it was also the symbol of freedom, of a carefree hippie lifestyle and of the bohemian nomadic spirit. Not surprisingly, this model is still popular in children’s bedrooms since it represents fun and a free life, something kids are very familiar with.

Circu Magical Furniture was the brand in charge of creating a van that seems to be ready for us to go on a trip with. But if you have a closer look — surprise! It’s a bed for children, one of those that you can’t stop thinking about. Can you picture the Bun Van Bed in your child’s bedroom? They would spend all day in it, playing and having fun, since the inside is full of interesting details.

Van bed with wooden interior




The Bun Van Bed is made of fiberglass and chrome plated finishes on the outside, while the inside is done in old-school wood veneer which makes it even more authentic. The bed is in the inside and, underneath it, you can find storage space. Moreover, there is a TV, a minibar and a desk area. We’re already checking if they make it for adults because the details are amazing!

A children’s bed with a hippie spirit


It’s hard to leave the bedroom when your van bed is so original and fun. It is certainly an unusual item and very unique in its realistic design. If you still have that hippie spirit in you, get the kids into it with this amazing bed. They will be able to imagine so many adventures from their Volkswagen van!

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