They have only published three editions but we are completely in love with them from the beginning. Projects are defined by the team behind them and KIVA relies on a luxury team consisting of 10 women from different fields with a common. Take a look at their statement: “Kiva is a Finnish word which means “pleasant” and we have chosen it because we love things which are carefully made with sensitivity and awareness. We are always looking for harmony around us and KIVA is our way to share it with you”. They have really achieved it!



We are going to publish an interview with those girls, we can’t wait to know more about them! Here you are some fantastic photos published in this last edition. It’s a cabin in a house, a dad’s present for his daughter. It’s so lovely…! There were taken in the Álvaro Catalán’s house. He is a famous designer from Madrid, really known because of the Pet Lamp. Do you want to see more photos? You have the complete report in KIVA magazine.