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Beds are often the main focuses of attention in a bedroom. They are normally the biggest piece and their style is the base to choose the rest of the decoration. Bedding is the key to get our perfect combination. Camomile London knows its importance so they offer the best designs and the highest quality products.


Once again, we find a family’s talent together to create a very special brand that fulfils parent’s and kids’ needs. Helen and Daniela Boleto are a mother and a daughter with lots of creativity and talent. They both have come from fashion backgrounds in the luxury market and high street luxury sector. When Daniela’s first son arrived, they couldn’t find nursery’s bedding cool enough to create their dream atmosphere so they decided to start a new adventure together to offer parents a chance to get the spaces they really want.


All the pieces are designed in London and carefully handmade in India and the UK so every single piece is a unique item. Pillow cases, duvet, covers, sleeping bags, cushions…everything to create a comfortable space for your little one.

The introduction of their new cotton filled quilts is a great novelty to ease your life if you want to change the room’s look in an easy way. There are two available sizes to guarantee the perfect result. In addition, the insertion of new minimal fresh woven checks and ginghams into their bedding made it perfect to unisex rooms. There are also some solid colour pieces and a new indigo based floral print to complete the combination. Mix and match are the key to find the greatest looks! You will only need some pieces create as many styles as you can imagine!


Maybe you need even more help…well, they also offer lovely handcrafted furniture and decor to purchase a complete room style! Just add some of your own details to get a customized space!


We really love the peace and the comfort shown by this lovely brand, as they mention on their web, they try to transmit the feeling you have while you see a sleeping baby and there’s no doubt they have got it! We are dreaming with every single piece!

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