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It’s not the first time we mention this fantastic brand that covers kids’ rooms with the most elegant, fresh and eye-catching collection of bedding and accessories you can imagine. Well, they are here again with lots of good news a great amount of style. Let’s see!

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We are totally in love with their new own collection with includes a piece of Camomile London’s soul in all those gorgeous tones and patterns. This stylish bedding is created for the design conscious parents, looking to create a unique approach to their child’s bedroom. Colour combination will play a magic role in the room transformation. Their distinctive colour palettes and detailed prints will allow you to create endless combinations. The brand’s style is ready to cover the whole room with great taste and creativity! 

Japanese block prints are the source of inspiration for the collection which is based on a new view of traditional polka dots, the Keiko print. “Keiko” means blessed child in Japanese, is mixed with a delicate and minimal woven double check. Strong solid colours such as the Ink and subtle Peach Puff play against each other to add depth and character to a room.

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This time, Camomile London has completed its size range with US twin, double bed and EU king size so now you can use their wonderful bedding with all the beds at home (even yours!). They have also introduced fitted sheets in their signature colours and prints, offering the complete Camomile London look. Check out the new collection and add a special touch to the bedroom!


They have collaborated with the artist Saar Manche to create two exclusive signed and numbered prints to get that unique touch everybody is looking for. Are you missing it?

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