You probably remember the times when you were a kid. Those days when magic covered everything. A time when you loved hiding from adults to live your own adventures. Well, today we bring you something which is linked to this. Kids’ room to shelter. Little corners where the little ones will be able to create their own world.

A House with Curtains


We really like this example. Using the typical house structure and some curtains you can get this result which makes us fall in love. Fine fabrics which allow the entrance of light. A sheer effect which fills the room with charm. Colours are also a great option as that blue structure looks great! Finally, that led light garland used as a set of stars will be the perfect partner for our kids’ nights.

Kids’ Beds with Canopy


Canopy is a timeless element. A piece which can be placed in every kind of cribs and beds. Canopies add a “fairy tale” touch. In addition, it can be closed to get a privacy atmosphere to enjoy reading, avoid the entrance of light or just to play. We don’t only love the canopy but also the details around it such as the flowers at the top. In a simple room, details make the difference.

Sloping Beds for Sloping Roofs


A sloping roof room is not a problem at all. Sloping ceilings are an aesthetic advantage; they can be used to place the rest zone, just as in this case. Where can we find our kids’ hidden space? Easy, just add some cute curtains. If the kids want to enter their own world, they just have to close the curtains. The rest of the decoration is very special. The pastel tones, lots of white, neutral pieces of furniture and floor, and the picture on the wall by Mrs Mighetto is simply wonderful.

High Bed with Surprise


Finally, a similar example but in a different way. In this case, we have one of those high beds whose lower part is used to store things (a great advantage for the smallest rooms). We really like the curtain included in this model. In addition, the wallpaper turns the wall into a beautiful window. A magic place where your little one will be able to dream every day. It can see more functional than the previous example as it’s just a curtain and a bar. As far as colours are concerned, they are really similar but in this room, black plays an important role.

Images via: ellepetitandsmall, @finabarnsakerPinterest,@hellolittlebirdie