Building games are always kids’ favourites as they let them be creative and enjoy while they make every kind of things. They can build as many things that fun has not end! Gigi Bloks are a great idea to have a wonderful time, creating new scenes and games once and again.

These blocks are made of high-resistant recycled cardboard and —in addition— they can be painted and decorated with their favourite colours. We are sure that they will paint them as soon as possible. Gigi Bloks’ ideas are simply great but they are only a sample of all the things they can create with these big blocks. It’s like having a Lego to create real size toys.



What can be made with these cardboard blocks? Well, almost everything. From a little house to have tea with their favourite soft toys to a fort, a teepee, a car, a dragon, a dog, a shop, a submarine…everything you can imagine because creativity has not limits. You can use carton to create accessories in order to get a more realistic toy, the final result is simply amazing! A simple game with infinite options…lots of fun for lots of hours!


We really like traditional toys, wooden toys and also eco-friendly cardboard building games that help kids to develop their intelligence and creativity while they enjoy. That’s a great idea to keep them entertained these holidays.


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