Cardboard Dad’s History starts, like in many other entrepreneurs’ cases, with a serious job that provides them money but is not satisfying for them and a hobby that becomes more and more important in their lives because they love it. The final result is frequently that they leave everything to devote their whole lives to that. This is something that every kid should learn. Although it’s not available for everybody, it’s clear that the best results are reached with love for that you do.

Just take a look to these amazing crafts for kids. You will fall in love with his cardboard toys!


Cardboard Dad are made only with carton, a resistant malleable material that has been a toy for many of us but in a simpler way. From those basic houses with windows to those amazing figures created by the Russian architecture Eugene Kudryavtsev. Pay attention to his ideas, you can try to create your own version. This is a warning: his skills are incredible but you can try to imitate him, maybe you find a new hobby…


If you love crafts, you have a new field to explore. We are sure you have never thought about creating lots of things with cardboard. This Russian man is nowadays living in Beijing and he has created a workshop to teach parents and kids how to work with cardboard to create surprising things. Furthermore, he has written several books and he spends his time creating scenes for kids’ parties and other events where kids are the principal. This is a way to take crafts to both parents and children.




Houses, rockets, chimneys, masks, suits, swords and many other things are created with only a piece of cardboard. The best thing here is that is a light material, suitable for children. Furthermore, it can be painted by kids. That’s perfect to interact with them and help them to create their own games to wake up their imagination and their creativity.

Of course, the most difficult things are not the best start (Cardboard Dad) has even created enormous amazing castles), but you can try some small games which can include their personal touch. If you still remember your childhood, you will remind that cardboard games were always the most exciting ones! Are you ready to create your new projects?

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