Kids Imagination Furniture Cardboard Guys

As we all know cardboard boxes are a massive source of fun for kids. The little ones can easily transform them into a fort, a ship, a castle… and they can draw on and create their own designs. To kids, cardboard is a magic material that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.

Kids Imagination Furniture from The Cardboard Guys captures this sense of wonder and creativity in a way that’s fun, functional, and eco-friendly. It’s a set of cardboard chairs and tables lets little ones create their very own workspace.

This recyclable alternative to traditional furniture, it’s also a blank canvas where kids can express their creativity. I’m sure your kids will enjoy customizing it. They can draw on, paint, sticker…Their imagination is the limit!

Sitting at Kids Imagination FurnitureKids Imagination Desk Kids Imagination Chair (2)

Kids Imagination Furniture is incredibly strong (the chair can support up to 256 kg!) but lightweight, durable and easy to handle for children and parents.

Inside Look at Kids Imagination Desk Cardboard Guys Box in Front of Cardbaord Furniture

The furniture comes flat-packed in a few simple pieces that fold and snap together easily without the need for adhesives or additional tools. You can build the cardboard chair and desk in just a few minutes and then your kids hack them as they want.

Six Colored Kids Imagination Desks

Your kid wants to re-decorate their workspace? Don’t worry, the furniture is equipped with reversible outer pieces, so you can flip them over and decorate all over again.

You’ll find some DIY inspirations to customize the desk and chair on The Cardboard Guys‘ website, but remember: you can turn your Kids Imagination Furniture into anything you can imagine!

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