We really love cardboard toys! It’s a simple, cheap, malleable and —of course— ecological material so it helps to take care of the environment. Kids will also contribute to take care of nature by playing with these cardboard toys created by Studio Roof.

There are more and more brands which want to join this trend of using natural materials like wood, cardboard or fabrics to offer kids more intuitive toys which wake up their imagination, to be more creative with everything around them. This is the reason why we believe that these toys must be on the list of favourite presents for their next birthday. Considering every aspect, we must say that is one of the cheapest options!

Cardboard toys, hundreds of figures


We have played with cardboard toys lots of times, just remember those playthings with paper clothes or those typical origami figures. These toys show some common features although the idea has been developed in a deeper colourful way. Animals, characters, planes and cars and a particular interpretation of nature with which kids will be able to create their own universe.

Cardboard Toys, Toy Houses


Houses have always been a typical playing element. Now, they can have their own refuge with just a few elements. They are created with recycled cardboard and have every kind of details but kids can also add their personal touch! MobileHome by Studio Roof have become the brand’s icon, we understand why…


Another toy you must purchase to boost kids’ creativity is Archetype Buildings, a magnetic cardboard set which has become one of the most popular. This set of magnetic pieces can be used to create a city on the wall of their playroom. It will help them to play with colours and shapes in order to develop their imagination.


Did you know that cardboard could provide many hours of fun?

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