We really love seeing that Xo in my room, that project that started only 3 years ago, has been growing up becoming its Pinterest images in a global success. We are really proud of them!

Provided that Carina is presenting her brand’s new collection we have asked her to tell us some things about them, some “extra information”, you know ;).  After reading her words, you will understand where does all this inspiration come from! They are a luxury quartet! She explains it…

Who is behind Xo in my room?

There is a big family behind Xo in my room. Three siblings who complement each other. The oldest is the creative mind, he designs and imagine every piece of furniture. The youngest is the craftsman who creates them with his own hands in our workshop. The middle one is the publicist who turns us into a brand.

Finally, me. As my husband (the oldest brother) says, he is the X and I’m the O, that black hole that transforms everything into a mess!


“All Black”Crib


Where does all that inspiration come from?

Our inspiration is everywhere. From those second hand markets where we find “little treasures” to a trip around the world keeping our eyes perfectly open. If we stay at home, our children become our inspiration source, their creativity hasn’t limits .

Which kind of atmosphere is suitable for your furniture? Who is your target public?

When we started this, we never thought about our target pubic. However, according to the pictures our clients send, we have seen our pieces in every kind of houses: vintage, minimalist, modern…We can only see a common feature among them: they like carefully made things, with lots of love, with lots of time. I guess this is related to organic, slow-food and planet conscious trends.

Which is the most important satisfaction you have got with this project?

The greatest satisfaction it has given (and is still giving us) is the direct feedback. The same received by a cook when the public tells him his food is tasty.When a client receives his piece of furniture after waiting for several weeks and he is thankful because his child’s bedroom is cute now.


Edwood Crib


Which challenges are faced by entrepreneurs like you?

The lack of fundind and uncertainty. This is the same for everybody. I just can say that you must insist on what you believe and that there’s always a place for good work.

How do you juggle work and home?

That’s impossible…Everything is a mess, some kind of lovely chaos. I guess you can learn to work like that, there’s not option for us. Our children are used to have changing decoration rooms  that are also used as settings in photoshoots. They have often a new prototype of bed…they are our best test bench!


Baby buntles dresser



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