CartonLab is a company dedicated to the eco-design, production and marketing of all kind of projects built in cardboard. This is a lightweight, durable and sustainable material, perfect for creative designs. Furthermore, cardboard allows to customize products in a simple way.

Here you are some of its projects aimed at children. CartonLab has designed toys, furniture, and decorative products easy to assemble. All of them are functional designs with a playful touch. For most of them, you can choose between brown and white finish (and later you can paint them, drawing over them, etc.)


Rocking Horse – It mounts easily and can be painted and customized as you want to become the sidekick perfect for little ones.


House bookshelf  A great play area for the little ones that also serves as a shelf to tidy all your books and toys.


Mixit! by Diego Lizán It is a toy, artwork and decorative item. Build the infinite imaginary characters from more than 40 different pieces that make up the briefcase.


Personalized cradle – A  resistant, very safe, ecological and original alternative for the rest of your baby. You can customize it with the baby name.


Smile table – Lightweight, practical and funny desk for children. Your kids will love it!

Top image: Cat Sculpture from CartonLab

+info: CartonLab