We really love original and creative furniture whose design transforms every space into a magical atmosphere. Spyntex chairs are a good example of it. These breathtaking structures (created with 60 loose elements) can be turned into a swing chair, a chaise longue, a kids’ slide, home accessories…imagination has no limits!

SPYNTEX is a versatile self-assembly household product made from a number of unified interlocking bars. It offers complete design freedom and can be transformed into an amazing range of stylish and practical items such as furniture, home accessories and toys! Infinity possibilities in one object.


Everything was so funny that Raimonda Klimasauskaite, one of the production team members, thought that it can’t only be enjoyed by adults so they designed a special line for kids with lighter materials and smaller pieces. Raimonda has a great experience in kids’ design and she considers that it could be a great way to develop children’s creativity and promote children-adults interaction while they spend funny time together.

Children will love this great opportunity to create, build, imagine and transform a simple structure into whatever they want. It’s like a functional and cool building game to decorate every single space with a playful touch!


There is a special version for kids so they can enjoy their own chair in a suitable size. We are sure the whole family will enjoy a lot! Creativity will wrap those joy moments together! As you can imagine, they are much more than a simple piece of furniture, it’s a ticket to a magical place where nothing is what it seems to be…Furthermore, there is a great app to share your creations and get some inspiration from other Spyntex chairs!!

Kids build, test constructions, learn to read and follow instructions, count pieces, use logical thinking, train their motor skills, work hard using both brain and body to create a piece of practical art that they can use, enjoy and which can be appreciated by others!


Red, white, black, green…There are 9 available colours! choose your favourite one and add a different touch to every single corner at home! Your little one will really like the idea of having a matching chair specially designed for him or her!

Apart from that nice design, you must consider other important features: Spyntex chairs are long lasting, water-resistant and can hold practically any weight so durability is another strength point. All these reasons have turned them into a really successful product.

Are you ready to create? Imagine your own universe with Spyntex! Its creators are running a Kickstarter campaign . Let’s support them!

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