Welcome romantics and dreamers because you will love every single detail of this girl’s room. Everything is wrapped by a nostalgic halo, from those light textiles around the bed to the wonderful flower vintage wallpaper. If you add some soft touches and antique furniture, you get the perfect space for dreamers. Do you want more details?

Charming Room for Girls


The bed might seem a bit boring without its structure but that improvised tent created with light textiles avoids this effect. The colourful garland is always great both to decorate the walls, for play areas or for beds. We think they are perfect for every place, especially if they are funny and colourful like this one.


This is a kids’ room for girls plenty of lovely details that will make the difference with other spaces we have previously seen. That cat-shaped hanger is one example of that, small original touches to be gradually found.

Girl’s Room with Special Storage Solutions


Romanticism constantly appears in this kids’ room with soft tones. A vintage wooden dresser is the perfect touch for our little princesses and if you add an original suitcase to keep all their treasures it will be even better. What do you think about those creative animal wall stickers? It’s like if we were in a magic forest with all those flowers and the wooden details.


What about the wardrobe? It’s another decorative piece. The idea of creating a hanger with wooden branches is becoming more and more popular because it adds a rustic and original look to all that Romanticism and tenderness. This is a funny way to keep their clothes that seem to be in the middle of the forest!

Girl’s Room with A Play Area


This beautiful space must have some inspiration to play. This is why we find an authentic theatre for puppets in the room, decorated with stars and flowers. It’s also an invitation to dream awake.

Via Estelle Williot