Did you share a room with your brother or sister when you were little? There is something so special about sharing a room with your sibling. It can lead to all kinds of night time adventures like reading together under the covers or sneaking around in the dark or talking in hushed tones all while you’re supposed to be sleeping. Even if you have enough rooms for each child, I think the magic of sharing a room is so very special.

Speaking of shared rooms, I came across this charming and adorable room shared by a pair of brothers. It’s not a particularly big room but yet each has their own little space and then a bigger play area for both in the middle.

By placing the beds in an L-shape, the mama in question has made the most of the space in this room. The brothers have a nice little space to play in the middle of the room while both have their own bed area.

We’re loving the simple colour scheme of monochromes with a hint of soft blue. Keeping to a few simple colours also helps in a small room.  There is quite a lot of furniture and toys in this room but it still doesn’t look too much.

It’s all the little details that make this room extra special — from the cute toys on display to the playful posters on the wall. While there are many details, they all stick to the main colour scheme which helps everything come together beautifully.

This shared boys room is super cute and shows that you don’t need a lot of space to create a cozy little haven for your kids. Do your kids share a room?

This room has been created by a mama who is also a photographer. Her instagram feed is very inspiring so if you want to see more, do take a look.

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