Are you looking for ideas to create a desk space for your child? We are in love with the idea of a vintage desk space. There is something so romantic and charming about vintage furniture. It feels like every, single piece has a story to tell about its past life.

Apart from the charm and beauty, vintage furniture mixes so well with modern decor. So even if your home is modern, a few vintage pieces here and there will add to the beauty of the room.  And none more so than vintage desks. They can be placed in a little corner of any room from an ultra modern kitchen to a shabby chic living room.

We went looking for some beautiful vintage desk spaces for kids and here are some of the best ones to inspire you:


Here is a vintage desk for two, perfect for a pair of siblings. The desk and chairs are beautiful and like the picture at the top, the addition of a vintage inspired blue paint adds to the charm of the space.

The Animal Print Shop

This is such a simple desk space but yet so charming. It shows that with a vintage desk you don’t have to dress it up with lots of other decorations, if you choose not to. This look is perfect if you need to squeeze in a desk in a corner of the living room or kitchen.


As much as we love old school desks and chairs, it’s not always possible to get your hands on these. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still create a vintage desk space for your kids. Here we have an old trestle table paired with some old metal chairs which create a beautiful vintage feel and a practical desk for two.


One of the best parts about vintage is that you can freely mix and match pieces. Here is a perfect example where the desk and chair are completely different styles and colours but as both are old pieces, they make an unusual and charming combo.


We are loving the combination of this modern, minimal space paired with this old school desk. It’s one of the most stylish ways to do vintage – mix it with very modern decor and the vintage piece stands out even more.

Which one is your favourite look?

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