CHICK CHACK is an original line of DIY kits founded by two moms and designers Lior and Anat. They create lovely creative kits, all of which are quick and easy to make – even for busy mums!

Their first project is called Three bears, and you will be able to craft  some adorable drawstring bags for kids. You can choose between three bears: koala, polar and panda.


You can actually make this bag yourself! It’s fun and not complicated to do!


Currently, CHICK CHACK offers only this project on their site, but new ones are coming soon. Every kit will be different, but you will always find simple textile-based designs of original products.


Furthermore, to facilitate their production, the kits include all the materials necessary and clear instructions to create a unique designed product.

So there aren’t excuses for not trying them out!

+ info: Chick Chack