Children of the Tribe SS15 collection: Going places

Well, they’ve done it again, one of the most stunning summer photoshoots I’ve seen in a long while. I’ve fallen in love with the latest campaign shoot of Children of the Tribe for their range ‘Going Places’.

‘Going Places’ collection is all about travel and family adventures (may be in the own backyard). The clothes are comfy, kids need to explore, climb, run, and be free daily and their clothing shouldn’t restrict that. The garments are perfect for the boho lovers and this range looks great both on little boys and girls.


Children of the Tribe captures the innocence and wonder of childhood in its natural state, inspired by the harmonious connection of tribal children with the outdoor world around them.

kidswear-children-of-the-tribe-ss15-collection clothes-girls-children-of-the-tribe-ss15-collection

Their range is characterized by tribal and animal prints, floaty florals, and soft but strong natural fabrics. The colours of Children of the Tribe clothing reflect the earthy and coastal tones of their home in Byron Bay, Australia, with influences from deserts, mountains, islands and plains all around the world where tribal children play.


Children of the Tribe creates quality, timeless, stylish clothing for free-spirited little people who love to roam in the sand dunes, daydream in treetops, and run barefoot through long grass.



Let them take you on a journey of discovery to far away lands where adventure is endless and imaginations run wild.

Children of the Tribe SS15 - 6

PHOTOGRAPHY | Carly Brown 

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