Aye Aye Blanket for Adventurers, Seafarers and Pirates!

Well hello there! Today I’d like to take you on a special journey. We’ll be sailing across the seven seas, travelling deep into the heart of the jungle, and shooting above the stars, believe me! The children’s design world is a fascinating place, full of magical, beautiful products crafted by people who love to inspire, stimulate and teach our little ones to explore through play.

I have selected a few of my current favourite finds for you here, so take my hand, hop on the flying carpet and off we go on our adventure!

Minakani Lab Take Kids into the WILD!

Fabulous WILD Wallpaper by Minakani Lab

Let’s start off in the wild. There’s so much to see out there, and Minakani Lab have made sure you don’t miss a single detail with their larger than life bespoke wallpaper. I doubt kids will ever tire of this stunning artwork, and I can certainly imagine this in a child’s room or play space, can’t you? (via nicnacmag)

It’s Safari Time at Mini Empire!

Africa – Wooden Animal Set for 332 KR / approximately 36 EUR from Mini Empire

It’s safari time, but you don’t really have to travel to Africa to enjoy the wonderful spectacle of nature. Swedish company Mini Empire have just launched a new collection of wooden blocks and African animals made of beech wood. Printed on one side in black & white and on the other in colour, these eco-friendly toys are sure to please young and old alike. A perfect Christmas gift, available for pre-order. (via Riazzoli)

Up, Up and Away with Unlimited Design!

Hot Air Balloon Chalkboard for 25.05 EUR from Unlimited Design, FLER

Now we’re going up, up and away in a fun hot air balloon from the Czech Republic! I am a huge fan of this company’s cardboard products for kids, and I’m sure that their latest chalkboard design, complete with basket, would make a lovely addition to any young child’s room.

DIY Flying City Mobile from LUKKA

DIY Flying City for 45 ZL/ approx. 11 EUR from LUKKA

Close your eyes a moment… we’re high up in the sky now, on our way to LUKKA’s Flying City! Look how colourful those houses are, like stained glass windows flooded with light. This new-to-me Polish company sell some great creative toys online, and I love the graphics on their packaging!

Everyone Loves Rockets, Don’t They

Handpainted Paper Rocket Mobile for $33 / approx. 26 EUR from Designers Guild

Yep, that’s right, we’re on our way to outer space in a brightly decorated paper rocket! Everyone loves a nice mobile, and I adore the fact that this space-themed one was styled amongst paper fish – that’s fantasy for you!

I See the Moon and the Moon Sees Me!

Chalk Moon from Restoration Hardware’s Baby and Child Christmas Catalogue 2012

Although it’s not brand new, I love this idea for Christmas and the whole year long! For dreamers, explorers and, who knows, maybe future astronauts – the sky’s never the limit when kids are concerned! (via 79 Ideas)

Picture at the top of this post: Aye Aye Blanket for 98 EUR from Jaell and Tofta