This duvet cover made of organic cotton lights up at night…bring some magic to kids room!

From a beautiful castle in Dirac (France), Isabelle Dubois-Dumée designs, creates and sells an amazing collection of home stuff. All the items are special because of their simplicity, naturalness and authenticity. She works with organic materials to which she adds that “chic” touch that wraps the whole collection. Its name: ‘Les petites emplettes’.

A year ago, she moved to this romantic castle with her partner and her three daughters. There is still a lot to do in this adventure, they have lots of plans and ideas to be developed there…We really like their project! What a beautiful place to live with her family and work at the same time!


This collection can only come from this wonderful atmosphere. We focus our attention on her kids’ furniture and children’s decorative objects. The pictures inspired in a school are great and her products are starting to be sold at the most prestigious shops in France. These decorative objects are made of simple materials like wood, cardboard or straw.



Babies are also present in this collection. Is there anything more relaxing that the mix of natural materials like wood with organic fabrics in natural tones? We will track her! And, who knows…maybe we can visit the Dirac castle…we will love it!

+info: Les petites emplettes