Kids and animals have always been great partners so animals are always a wonderful idea to be included in their room. This is what designers probably thought when they created this cool and creative lamps. It will be loved by both kids and adults.

These lamps are included in the ZOOO collection by the French brand Gone’s. What’s that attracting thing of animal-shaped lamps? This brand  is committed to environment impact and creates eco-friendly products. It offers really original products with a very flashy and special design. We think that these lamps are perfect for kids!


These lovely lamps can be assembled without using glue. They are like those 3D puzzles that kids love. There are several models available, all of them provide weak light to create a relaxing atmosphere in the kid’s room.

Colour is also cool kids’ lightings. They use bright and modern tones like yellow, pink, fuchsia or light green which can be easily combined with kids’ decoration. Although you have a Nordic room with no many colours, this colour touch can be perfect.


You can choose from among a blue cat, a bright yellow giraffe or a bird that will peck the table where you place it.  They are dynamic and imaginative designs so they will become one of those details which enliven the room.

You will notice some Scandinavian influence on their simple shapes and its natural materials. The last proposal for B&W rooms is the white bunny, it’s a funny and elegant lamp at the same time.



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