Decorating children’s rooms with letters is one of the last trends in interior design. It can be found in every blog about children’s decoration where they are used as other decoration element. They can appear as paperweights, lamps…Whatever its function was, a motivating word to decorate they room is a great idea that is really in. We suggest you a way to try it.



A new way to decorate with letters, thanks to Chiaoozza, is purchasing its alphabet-shaped shelves. A perfect place to keep children’s books and, furthermore, a great motivation to learn reading. All mums want a child who reads and this can be an important boost to get it.

Chiaoozza is a design agency located in New York which was founded in 2012 by Terri Chiao and Adam Frezza. This company mixes the common interests of both of them in Danish design and sculpture. This is the atmosphere where the idea of letter-shaped shelves arose.

Chiaozza letter-shaped shelves are handmade to order and they are produced in steam bent wood. In this way, they are completely detachable to ease a flat and light transport. In addition, its setting up is really easy.

If it wasn’t enough, as the pieces are created to order, you can choose the colours to combine or contrast them with your home’s decoration or toys. The price for each shelf is about 200 $ and they are produced in the United States.

Via babyology / +info