There are houses that are an example of good taste and the lastest trends which are combined in a lovely way. Here we come to show you every corner of those inspiring spaces for kids like this room and the play area, both spaces decorated according to the nice Nordic style.

We’re totally in love with  teepees shown in children’s room. They look as a refuge for your little ones. Every kid needs is own space to imagine themselves as Indians and cowboys or even as explorers in the jungle.

A Kids’ Room With Grey Tones



Like most of the Scandinavian spaces, this room with grey tones looks peaceful and elegant. These soft tones will create a calm atmosphere to help them to dream. Vintage elements add a special charming like these restored wooden bed or the crochet bag for toys.

The childish touch is provided by the colourful garland or the soft cushions. That funny guitar-shaped cushion or the puff with that lovely face. All these elements  are an important part for this special kids’ atmosphere.



Details keep the personality of every space. Those knit toys or the vintage chair are perfect to make them comfortable. We mustn’t forget that they will want to include their toys in their room, there are several ways to do it to get a perfect result.

A More Colourful Play Zone


The vintage touch is also present in the play área. This space includes many colours to stimulate their senses. It also fills the atmosphere with energy. This space has been specially designed to play, read and draw so prints and colours help them to wake up their imagination. We really love the wall sticker with the tree and the leaves showing those vintage prints. What about those little chairs made with natural materials? They are perfect for this kids’ space  where there are similar elements.

Here, every single detail has been carefully chosen in the kids’ spaces. Have you found inspiration to decorate your children’s spaces?


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