The Ikea’s novelties for 2017 will soon become the focus of attention as they do every year. We know that Ikea brings modern ideas with a cool touch but simple and functional at the same time. It’s not a surprise that they include very useful furniture and storage solutions for kids (both for their room and the play room).

Ikea 2017 Flisat Collection for Kids


We have already seen the Flisat Collection as they presented it 8 months ago. This pine-wooden furniture consists of eight pieces and all of them are perfect for children’s spaces. A hanger, a house-shaped shelf, tables and chairs to draw —now available in a colourful version —and small pieces of furniture perfect to be handled by kids. The storage trolley is the perfect piece for every room, with it, kids will be able to keep their things organised and take them wherever they want.



Do your kids like reading? The Ikea’s Flisat collection also includes a wooden piece of furniture to keep books. It doesn’t take a lot of space, it’s really functional and can be easily combined. Ikea has considered every single detail to design their 2017 novelties.

Ikea’s Storage Ideas for Kids, Functional Furniture


Among the Ikea’s storage furniture for 2017, we can find ideas we have already seen, like the Trofast shelf with plastic drawers. We have seen this piece of furniture in several kids’ rooms as it’s very useful. You can buy the modules to adapt them to the available space and you can find several sizes for the drawers so there are a lot of options. That’s a simple way to keep everything organised.



Functional shelves are a must. Kallax is a clear example of the brand’s typical lines: simple and really useful with that “Nordic style”. This shelf shows a funny colourful look, bright yellow to add the colour touch to the whole kids’ room. What about the Stuva wardrobe? Have you seen those wonderful orange handles? What do you thing about the Ikea’s novelties for 2017?

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