It’s time to dream surrounded by night glow worms. These wallpapers by Sarah Jane take us to childhood where everything is wrapped by curiosity and surprises. Is there anybody who hasn’t gone to see these lovely animals during summer nights? That dreamer attitude is what made us fall in love with these original wallpapers.

We are not only decorating children’s rooms but enlivening them as if they were a canvas to tell stories. Sarah Jane has four children, but she has never lost this childish point of view in which everything is new and interesting, remembering those unforgettable moments and explaining them in her works.


Summer Night Lights is the title of this wallpaper, it’s available in her shop. That’s a wonderful idea to add colour and enliven every kids’ room. They are going to love finding how many glow rooms are there, imagining stories once and again.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about getting bored of it, it’s completely reusable. It can be placed easily following the instructions from the web and also be removed without any kind of mark in the wall so it´s a functional idea too.


Another interesting version of glow worms is in Tree Lights, with a beautiful blue tone mixed with lots of light points which are going to attract them. In addition, there is a fuchsia version. This blue tone is really cool and beautiful. These kids’ wallpapers are perfect to add a summer touch to everything. Do you want to create a light night in their room? We are sure they are going to be glad to have it!

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