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You have probably already heard of the company Chispum for its really original wall stickers, made with all the creativity that a group of illustrators, artists and designers can join together. That’s why in this shop you can find author wall stickers, special works drawn from imaginative minds with a sense of humor and taste for the beautiful things.

If you loved its wall stickers, because they are unusual, funny and colourful, you would love these ideas even more. But, watch out! Nothing is what it seems.

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How do we keep kids busy on holiday breaks? Chispum had a good and original idea: placemats Eat & Play. This is a pack of placemats with which there’s no time to get bored. One day they can color, another they can draw and the following one they can write a story. This is one of those creations that is used both not to stain the table, but also to keep children entertained at lunchtime. And if your kids love games, let them take these placemats wherever they want! Children can stick them at the wall of their room, or use them as entertainment in parties. Besides, these placemats are available in English, French, Spanish and Catalan, for only 12€.

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Would you like to write down your things to remember them?… A blackboard is not very handy and wasting paper every day is not very ecological. This shop has the right solution which, even if it sounds like a TV commercial, is funny, cute and practical. The Blackboard Notebook is a blackboard-notebook for you to write down everything, carry it around with you everywhere and erase it later. It is like a never-ending notebook! You can even let your children colour and draw on it without worrying. It has 12 sheets that, if you think it well, go a long way, and it is available for 25€.

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To write down important things, this shop also has notebook wallpapers. The Notebook Wallpaper is available in several sizes, and you can choose a wallpaper line notebook or a wallpaper grid notebook. A Back to School at home, with this colourable wallpaper that you can stick it directly to the wall like a giant notebook! You can also stick it to the fridge and forget about magnets and post-it. Depending on the size, there are several prices from 15€ to 100€

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At last, but not less funny, Chispum has repositionable wallpapers. If you thought that peeling and sticking wallpapers was a task for home craft experts, you were completely wrong. Chispum has the most detailed murals that you can imagine and you can replace them as many times as you wish. You only have to remove the adhesive layer in the back and stick it again. It’s so easy! You no longer have any excuses to have a special and different house.

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