Chispum is famous for its kids’ wallpapers and its ideas. The graphics they use have been created by several artists which work together with the brand, each one has its own personality.Their ideas are great and today we bring you their latest novelty: repositionable wallpapers.

Maybe you are one of these indecisive people or you get bored with decoration soon so you find difficult finding the perfect pieces… If it’s your case you will avoid these problems because it can be placed and removed whenever you want. A month in a bedroom and another one in the hall… a very versatile idea!


Its illustrations are always surprising and funny. Designers provide their best ideas with very detailed drawings. They are perfect to stimulate kids’ imagination because they show lots of images with animals and other motifs. There are b/w and colourful designs so they are suitable for all the tastes.

These wallpapers don’t need glue on the walls, this is the great advantage. They are a big sticker , you just have to place it on the clean wall. If you get bored, you can change it. You only need to remove it from the wall (avoiding those unsightly marks) and place it wherever you want. You can redecorate your home as many times as you want!


We love seeing these wallpapers closely because of their huge variety of details so don’t miss any of their amazing photos! They are illustrations plenty of sense of humour, life and dynamism. Furthermore, Chispum shop offers lots of things you will love like their chalkboard wall stickers or the colouring table clothes.


+info: Chispum