From a few weeks old, a play gym becomes an incredibly useful toy for your baby. Particularly if the toys on the gym can be changed or added to as your baby reaches different developmental stages.

A play gym provides stimulation and fun. They stimulate visual development through contrasting colours. Hearing development through different sounds, and sensory stimulation from feeling a variety of textures. Play gyms encourage hand and eye coordination through reaching, grasping, kicking and rolling. They also improve cognitive development as babies learn about cause and effect. As well as developing knowledge of colours, shapes, patterns, textures, sounds and self discovery and movement.

However many of the play gyms available are bright and  plastic, and standout like an eyesore in the modern home. So we have been on a search to find the most stylish play gyms that will satisfy both the developmental needs of the baby. As well as the needs of design conscious parents!

We are loving the rise in popularity of wooden play gyms. The move away from bright, plastic gyms is perfectly suited for the modern, stylish  family home. But is also a move towards sustainability and care of the planet. Raising our children to be eco-conscious is an important role for parents nowadays.

Simply cool!

And me baby gym

The simple, sleek frame of this play gym is complemented by it’s tactile wooden toys. Definitely a beautiful toy that most parents would be happy to leave out at the end of the day!

Baby gym with longevity.

Cam cam baby gym

We love the longevity of this Cam Cam Copenhagen baby gym. Once your baby has outgrown the play gym, it can be converted into a tent for many more years of imaginative play.

Foldaway baby gym.

This practical, curvy play gym can be paired with a mat and cushion to provide a safe play area. Toys can be changed and added as you choose. We love the fact that this play gym can be folded away when playtime is over. It is ideal for smaller  homes as it takes up very little storage space.


Unusual rattan play gym.

Stinas style rattan plays gym

This rattan play gym is handmade in Australia and is a gorgeous alternative to wood. It combines perfectly with the quilted mat and tummy time support cushion. Different toys can be added for interest and for development.


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