We can’t believe it but Christmas is almost here! We really like that cosy feeling in the air. December is full of joy and magic! Kids can’t wait to see their presents underneath the tree and they are (literally) counting days to see all Santa’s gifts.

Advent calendars are a good way to make the wait shorter. Every single day, kids open a box to find a little Christmas surprise inside of them so thrill is also present in the previous weeks!

What a great idea to extend Christmas spirit’s lasting, don’t you think? Especially if the calendars are as cute as these ones, they are simply amazing!


Wawomb brings these little artworks to wrap Christmas time with sophistication and modern design, You just have to download the templates and assemble them to get a breathtaking result! Colourful cities with buildings and cars, elegant black and white mountains, Christmas trees…choose your favourite version and fill the boxes with some little presents like chocolates or sweets…they will love it!wawomb-advent-diy-calendar-4wawomb-diy-xmas-calendar

If you are looking for something really special and original to decorate your home this is exactly what you need and kids will be really proud of their DIY calendar!


Can’t you wait to see your little ones’ faces at Christmas? Count the days with Wawomb while you add a chic touch to your Christmas decoration!

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