Christmas is almost here and we have probably thought about the present for our little ones. Our kids make us know what’s their favourite toy and what is the latest novelty we must include on their Christmas list for Santa Claus. However, babies are not so clear yet. Sometimes, we don’t know what is the best option for them…well, here you are a Christmas guide to make a successful decision. Are you ready to get the perfect gift for a baby?

Of course, toys are always a good way to make them happy, have you take a look at the Main Sauvage Latérite Doll? What about a gym to develop their physical skills? The Reach Baby Gym by Oskoe  is perfect. It can be used with a wide range of hanging toys or with the optional Moon Mirror and Star toys. They spend a great part of the day sleeping so they will love this Sleepy Grey Bunny Soft Toy by Bebemoss, available at Bobby Rabbit. Furthermore, this bunny has been lovingly handmade in Turkey by a community of mothers. Do you want a fun yet practical baby gift? This playful Mini Blanket – Bear by Donna Wilson will keep them warm and safe!


Wrap their tender dreams with this gorgeous Baby Bedding by Camomile London and offer them a funny friend, like this Raccoon Wobble by Kid O, available at Maammo. Are they having problems with their teeth? Help them to get over them  with the baby and toddler teether! We are sure that they will be really grateful! Games can also be an educational tool, take a look at this 8-Classic Disc Game by Jukka, available at Maammo! They are stylish, funny and, in addition, a good way to teach your child coordination skills and size differences.


Comfort is also important for them so this Levo Baby Rocker in Jazz by Charlie Crane (available at Nubie) will make them really happy while they relax and enjoy its fantastic design. As they can’t stop moving, they will have  a lot of fun with this cute Kid O Go Car (available at Kekstor) and the Oli & Carol Bath Teething Toy Retro Beetle Car (available at Alfie Wild) will be perfect to help to calm their toothache. What a cute figure! the Sophie the Giraffe (available at Baby Botegga) will soon become their favourite partner in their games! Sophie is perfect for baby’s small hands. She is very light and soft to touch, stimulating soothing physiological and emotional responses.

As you can see there’s a huge choice of wonderful baby gifts, a whole universe of options to make them happy on Christmas day, are you able to choose? We can’t do it!