christoph-niemann-christmas-cards-maammo-santa-sackThe countdown to Christmas is on, so it’s the time to run to the store to get your box of holiday cards or craft some ones with your children. Those are good ideas, but if you have had enough of traditional greeting cards, read on and discover some alternative ones to spread the cheer.

That is an amazing collaboration between Christoph Niemann and the Copenhagen-based store Maammo. They have created a series of four festive cards, produced in the highest quality. The cards all carry Niemann’s signature playful style.christoph-niemann-christmas-cards-maammo_tree
Christoph Niemann is an illustrator, artist, and author. His work has appeared on the covers of The New Yorker, WIRED and The New York Times Magazine and has won awards from AIGA, the Art Directors Club and The Lead Awards. Christoph Niemann’s illustrations have a great deal of irony and subtle humour. His work is always intelligent, full of meaning, fun, and with a twist.


This time, the Christmas icons are reinterpreted: one card shows Santa with a slide presentation showing a pie chart with one tree-shaped slice removed. In other cards, Santa is having a rest on his giant sack of gifts o decorating a tree throwing snowballs…



We love these greeting cards and hope Maammo continues collaborating with more great artists in the future.

Maammo is a “must” store for  parents who loves design, the perfect place to find playful and well-designed items for your kids. This online shop stands out for their high-quality products, from Bauhaus building blocks to Fredun Shapur’s puzzles. As they say, We wanted to create a place to celebrate the beauty of play. With no division between girls and boys. With things that are built to last. Less things, but better things. And more play.

Tell me, which greeting card is your favourite?