This French brand designs games, stationery products and crafts for those who love architecture. Art, geometry and figures are used to create unique products which will be loved by the general public. The pieces are exquisite and really cool. Sophistication is a must in French design, donĀ“t you think?

What Can You Find?

Cinqpoints offers a carefully selected range of games (and lovely stationery too) that will be really useful to help kids to develop their logical thinking while they play with games which can also be enjoyed by adults. The tower, this game where you have to take bricks (one by one) while you try to avoid its fall, is perfect to play together. It will be really useful to improve technical skills and you will have a great time!

Black and white are the corporative colours so all their collections show that elegant touch of these basic tones. They are perfect even as part of the decoration of their rooms, especially if we are talking about that trendy Scandinavian style! What about those building and word search games? Make them think, let them grow up!


As we have mentioned, architecture is the inspiration of all the creations of this cool brand, so we can appreciate its meticulousness in every single detail of the designs. Precision is really important for both creating and playing those games. Simply brilliant!


Cinqpoints is supported by several famous architects from all over the world! Architecture lovers, this is your place!