Today we bring you a different brand. The French clothing group CWF is preparing itself for the 2015 Spring-Summer season taking into account all the parents’ suggestions to create specific clothes for their kids. We can often see how brands create their best designs for girls. CWF has just launched Billybandit a brand for boys between 2 and 12, that’s really nice! It can be considered as the “brother” of Billieblush which was created for girls. Billybandit brings back the funniest, playful children’s spirit!





Billybandit proposals are full of colour, their garments are plenty of personality. Among them, you can find some basic pieces of clothes like trousers in different colours, shirts and  funny printed T-shirts. Boys will wear these trendy garments Ex: Nowadays, blue is a trend and it is one of the chosen colours for jackets, shoes and some details of this brand’s collection, Although we can find garments in bright different colours completing the selection.

We really love the balance of children’s fun and the best fashion keeping this male touch which is essential for boys’ garments. The offer urban, basic and modern clothes with some touches of design which mums will love and also the comfort that boys enjoy.




We are sure they will love these blue, white and red sneakers with their funny design where you can see a bomb and a graffiti saying “BAM”. Indians and cowboys will find perfect garments in this new brand which has created its designs especially for them!

+info: Billybandit / Pictures via: El sueño de Teresa