Love a bit of colour for your kid’s room? The easiest, quickest and most budget-friendly way to add some colour is by simply painting the room. But for some of us, a one colour room can feel a bit boring. That’s why we’re loving the whole idea of colour blocking.

With colour blocking, you can add one, two, three or more colours. You can create patterns with your paint.  You can paint parts of a wall or even parts of the ceiling. The possibilities of getting creative are endless like in the room above where you’ve got three soft colours in a geometric pattern. We love the way the colours are enhanced even further with the white stripe in between.

So for those you who want to liven up your walls, we’ve rounded up some more fun and unusual colour blocking ideas. You can always switch up the colours or even the designs, but these rooms will definitely inspire you to get painting:

A simple, minimal kids room is brought to life with that soft blue paint in the corner.Without that paint, the room may have looked a bit bland but just by painting the corner in an interesting way, the room looks so stylish and the paint creates a focal point.

Colour blocking with two-different colours is always a great idea. We’re especially liking this room because of the scallop detailing on the wall.  It breaks up the two colours beautifully and looks so much more interesting than a straight line.

Colour blocking isn’t just for the walls. You can add lots of drama to your kid’s bedroom by painting the ceiling. We love the wide blue stripe on the ceiling, but by making it come down on to the wall, it almost feels like a roof.  Playful and clever!

Similar to the scallop wall, here is another fun way to bring together two colours on one wall.  The uneven zig-zag pattern looks playful and creates a really fun wall for a kids room.

What’s your favourite pattern?

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