Using all the available spaces is something that every family wants. For that reason, as we have previously seen, lots of storage solutions have been created to “hide” junk. In this way, the ladders we present you today try to use the vertical space in bedrooms.

KidsLofty mixes an innovative design with the usefulness required to adapt itself to present needs. Alegre Industrial Studio and the Japanese company Katzden Architec LTD have collaborated together to create three models of ladders. This is a  very used mean in the Asiatic country. Furthermore, their long career with children’s parks provide them the necessary credibility to let our kids play with their ladders without worrying about their physical integrity.

This collection has three models: Snake, Square and Tube. All of them show a modern design and we can keep calm because they meet all safety requirements.


Snake is formed by two tubes —in blue and green— which roll themselves as a snake, getting a structure without any point. It provides a touch of colour and fun to the children’s bedroom or the playing room. Its strength allows them to play climbing and going down it without any damage.


Square is a model based on aesthetics. It minimalist style turns it into an ornament but —at the same time— is really functional and safe because, in addition, it has a bracket to hold at the last step. It’s red and it will not probably be the most suitable to play in a crazy way because the steps are not lined up ant they could be more difficult to climb fast.


At last, Tube is the most innovative design. It’s black and yellow and relies on a protection to avoid falls. It’s perfect for the most cautious parents. Children will not see it as a safety web but a stairs’ element. Steps look like the big spotlights at the soccer fields or the tennis courts. Their support at the upper part allows them climbing without risking their physical integrity.

To sum up, we don’t always have to choose the same furniture pieces to print our personal style in the bedroom. Innovative accessories like these ladders can offer character and distinction. Furthermore, they love having different things to show their friends and they will be glad to invite their friends to play with their little treasure.



Via Design Milk