We are used to Nordic spaces with neutral tones. Black and white kids’ rooms which have made us fall in love with their simplicity but, sometimes, we really like enjoying a colourful world where bright tones are mixed. The Scandinavian style can include colour as you can see in the @bloggaibagis, space on Instagram, this mum (and interior stylist) really knows how to decorate spaces in a funny and colourful way.




In the kids’ rooms created by this mum, we can see lots of colours and prints combinations that turn the space into a unique place. Mustard tones are mixed with pink mountains. Light blue is the option for the other rooms, where it is used on the half of the wall. The textiles mix prints with animals or pines, reminding nature and forests.

There are many others details on their Instagram profile. Some wicker baskets on the Nordic style wardrobe, kids’ illustrations on the walls, the vintage wicker mirror, the light garland or the book shelf add a personal touch.



There are also some inspiring study areas with the same Nordic casual style which includes a chair with yellow legs, more light garlands or natural plants. We really appreciate this Instagram account which brings a funnier and informal version of the Scandinavian style. Many little trendy accessories to create amazing children’s atmospheres which inspire us.