Lately, there are lots of images of snow, where everything is covered with white. Chispum wanted to add some colour to this white winter with their most colourful wall stickers. They always have new and funny designs, you will love them!

Colourful wall stickers to dream


They love working together with designers who offer great ideas to fill the kids’ walls with fantasy. Children feel that they are in a atmosphere specially designed for them, plenty of colour and new characters who will invite them to invent lots of new stories like the kids’ wall stickers “Animals”, lots of new friends to decorate their bedroom  (first picture) or “Plouf 1”, with a sweet and brave little boy.


Is there any better way to travel than a rocket to the moon? This is what any child thinks when he/she imagines herself travelling to dreamy and far places. Here you are, this is perfect for this kind of kids.

Walls for little princesses


The “Dream” wall sticker is a work of art. It’s a very beautiful illustration, suitable for every space. If you want to fill your walls do it with this nice wall sticker.


Cross stitching clouds are wonderful for every children’s room. Pastel tones, which are always welcome in a kids’ atmosphere, are the focus of attention. It´s cute and original detail, nowadays when crafts are so trendy.

Wall stickers with characters


Kids love stories with lots of characters, so they will love these wall stickers.They will ask once and again who are their new friends. This will enliven the room. The zoo collection is plenty of animals. Crocodiles, flamingos or kangaroos decorate the wall with lots of colours!


How amazing is this wall sticker? Go up to the mountain with these adorable characters!


An ABC on the wall is something really useful and funny. If you want them to know in an easy way this is your best option to their playing or studying area.

Repositionable wall stickers

This Chispum’s idea is great! Nowadays, we like changing the decoration in kids’ spaces. These repositionable wall stickers can change a walls’ look in an easy and quick way. You can place it or remove it whenever you want so there are lots of advantages. Both the “Saturday afternoon” and the “Sleeping jungle” wall stickers are plenty of colours and details to change their room.



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