Conscious Craft is a family business managed by a couple who want to offer their kids the best natural materials in order to guarantee safety and lasting. They are really worried about environment so they try to mix quality and eco-friendly concepts in every single product they sell. Brands like Grimms, wooden toys, Wooden story’s, Nanchen’s organic Waldorf dolls or Kenana’s knitted Fair Trade hand-crafted in Kenya are only some of their suppliers. All these companies are collaborating to get a fairer and better world for our kids while they provide them their best creations to create an unforgettable childhood.


What Can You Find?

As you can guess according to the brand’s name, crafts are their star product. They are the perfect way to wake up their creativity and independence but you can also find other toys like building or painting sets, soft toys or wooden pieces which will help them to develop their mental and physical skills. If this is not enough, quality is also a must for this brand which selects the best materials to offer a great product. Anything else?


When you buy a toy in this shop, you are not only purchasing quality, design, safety and original pieces. You are getting some awareness and hope for this damaged environment. This is something that kids will learn in order to take care of it in the future, a great present for them!


They invite you to ask about every single doubt about the most suitable product for every kind of kids (according to the age, interests, allergies…). A very closely service that makes this company even more special.