These rooms are…tasty! The children’s wallpaper San Fruit Salad, designed by San for Jimmy Cricket, adds a lovely and colourful touch to the kids’ walls. Nowadays we can find lots of designs created by this Australian company; they are present in the coolest rooms of Instagram! What about you? Do you prefer pineapple or watermelon?


We have found these pictures in tiny tribe magazine, a wonderful magazine to help mums and future mums who have also chosen these funny wallpapers. Have you seen this round shelf? Another “top” piece of kids’ decoration, we bring you a cool diy in the case you want to create one!


Apart from fruits I also love Aiko Fukawa’s wallpapers, one with mice and the other with a forest…so lovely!


You can find the rest of the wallpaper collection on their website or get some inspiration from their Instagram’s profile. Have you seen how many nice different options of kids’ wallpapers? Lots of ideas for you!