We love people who inspire creativity and pass it on the rest of the world, specially on children. Atelier Parelà is a multifunctional concept where there’s a mix of several  interrelated fields like illustration and animation. Behind Atelier Parelà is Alessandro Maggioni, a visual designer who provides a new identity to spaces by using animated paper figures. Although he is Italian, he lives in Berlin so he combines the best of every culture with different styles.

In his portfolio, there are four key projects but, today, we are focused on one of them, “Kindergarten Sinneswandel”, a special nursery built in Berlin. The project is a 700m2 space, divided into three floors with a funny orientation system, suitable for children which uses animals as guides. Furthermore, each classroom invites children to explore and enjoy and- at the same time- offers them resting places.


One of the special features of this school is that some of their 65 pupils are deaf. However, they are perfectly integrated in the nursery’s daily life. On every floor, we can find animals on the walls which, in some way, interact with children. These animals share the space in a nursery whose design and functionality focus all the attention.

Trees symbolise growth, this was the base of the concept. Together with Baukind’s design, Atelier Perelà used different colours and animal characters on every floor. These animals walk with children from the entrance to the classrooms which adopt their names according to the animals on the walls: The fox group, the rabbit group, etc.


The ground floor is devoted to the youngest pupils, from 1 and 3. Warm colours like red, brown or violet symbolise the tree’s roots. All the furniture is suitable for kids. Yellow and orange predominate on the first floor where we can find pupils over 3. Room’s materials and design invite kids to play, explore and-in short- to develop their creativity. They don’t even need toys to have fun because they can bring to life all the objects they find at classrooms. Al last, the elder pupils are located on the second floor. Here, the owl and the squirrel are the protagonist and take up the whole tree’s top.

Furthermore, the nursery counts on a restaurant to the 65 pupils. Tables and benches have different sizes to adapt to every age. And that’s not all, they can also be used as building materials provided they can be combined in different ways. In this way, the restaurant is a leisure place outside of the meal times.

To sum up, that’s an ideal place for kids, here, they can take their first steps and grow up surrounded by creativity and animals although they are made of paper.