Here you can see one of the sections of the common zone from different points of view. It’s a space suitable for reading or just to enjoy a quiet conversation. At the background, there is a blue classroom. 

Dezeen Magazine, a magazine about architecture and design that we really love, talks about the Rotsein Arkitekter’s, a Sweden company’s project. It consists on a school nursery on the ground floor of a new residential building in Stockholm.

From the beginning, Anders Rotsein wanted to create a funny atmosphere to inspire kids’ creativity and, as you can see, it’s a space plenty of imagination. Colour plays a crucial role in this project where yellow zones in common zones are combined with blue, orange, pink and green classrooms. Multifunctional spaces which are used  both to read a book, to play hide and seek or to play a theatre piece. We really love this kind of architecture in teaching spaces which are opening gradually to get more flexible and multifunctional spaces where kids feel free and stimulated.


Both floors are connected y stairs with a wider lower part so it can e used as an amphitheatre. It’s also a playing zone. Its shaft is also a place to hide or playing houses.


You can see the pink classroom every time you use the stairs

You can go into the nursery through a garden that is located in the middle which provides the rooms natural light. Each of them has three windows, two big and other smaller. They communicate the spaces. To decorate it, they chose funny and right colours. Yellow distinguish common zones from the other parts which are painted in several different colours. The classrooms and sections are multifunctional but you should better take a look…


This is the green classroom. The terraces can be used as a seat or as a stage.


Colour pieces are integrated on the walls and used as shelves or seats.



This is the school nursery’s appearance from the street.

+info: Rotsein Arkitekter

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