Spaces for kids must be not only safe and functional but creative spaces with special areas to play and have fun.  In addition, if we found a modern and cool design we must show you the result:  an amazing designer nursery in Japan, one of those kids’ spaces we are in love with.

We can appreciate its modern and clean design with huge spaces which provide kids the freedom to play. Furthermore, it has been designed to resist typhoons, something that is quite common in Miyaki-jima, the Japanese island where it’s located.


Although the design is quite closed to protect kids against typhoons, it also has exterior spaces which are open the rest of the time as well as lots of ventilation because of the atmosphere’s humidity. In this way, they have a safe and big open space to play.

In the outside, we can find a great garden with a playground. If it’s raining (something really usual there) they can spend their time inside the building. There are exclusive areas to play but also a cosy dining room and even bedrooms, in the case they have to stay at night.


Kids are not only safe, they also have a cool space to learn while they play with their partners. We really like the room with the little house made of slate. This kind of ideas turns spaces into perfect places to boost their imagination and make them feel comfortable. This is another design to be added to the list of cool nurseries.


Via Dezeen