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Ana, its founder, has two children and knows how important is having a place to spend the whole afternoon or the morning with them while you have a cup of coffee or work with your laptop while they have fun in a safe space specially designed for them.

What a beautiful café! Visiting the new café for parents and kids Cups & Kids in Madrid is like travelling to a fairy tale scene. Sometimes, when you have kids, you don’t know where to go because there is not a huge choice of places to have a coffee or a tea while they have a great time. Provided this situation, is not strange that this wonderful place receives lots of visits, specially at the weekends.

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A little city wall sticker is present in the whole place. There are several real little houses which come from it. One of the houses is used to read books, the other has lots of iPads, a third one is a great playing house. Furthermore, the establishment has a Lego zone to build everything they want.

Located in the centre of Madrid, at the Barrio de las Letras, it’s a unique and innovative space where parents and kids can share their time. It’s a café with different leisure zones for kids (reading spaces, sensorial games, building…). The architect Mónica Diago (el taller de las cosas bonitas) is the designer of this lovely space which takes reality to a dream world through a modern and cosy atmosphere. Giant wall sticker murals have been designed by the illustrator Vireta.

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They also celebrate themed birthday parties: Cook party, Indian party, Sailor party or a party inspired by the forest with those nice mushrooms…

Apart from the café with leisure zones, they also organize wonderful workshops. During the morning, they offer workshops for kids who don´t go to school yet: Early stimulation, Children’s massage.

During afternoons they combine art for kids, music therapy and English reading. The best are the rock lessons for the little stars of the family where they receive lessons to learn how to play the guitar or the bass. At the weekends they mix music shows (jazz and classical music for kids) and storytelling.

We only need that spring comes soon to enjoy this nice interior courtyard!!!

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