Animal heads have been a trend for a while and thankfully this trend isn’t going anywhere soon. They make a super fun and quirky decoration for a kids room.  They are interesting to look at and your kid can pick their favourite animals to have on display.

We love the idea of having lots of heads together to create a feature wall but if you prefer a more minimal look, just one head can create a big impact. One of our favourite animal heads has to be these super soft ones (pictured above). Not only are they soft but they are realistic in a playful and fun way.  All of them come in muted, natural tones so you could create a fabulously fun zoo wall!

We went looking for some more of the best animal heads out there and some fun ways to display them so here they are:

Displaying just one head can look striking, especially if it’s a sharks head!  This allows the animal head to really stand out.  We are also loving how they’ve kept the tones very similar in this room so while the shark head stands out, it also fits in beautifully with the room.

For something a little different, we can’t get enough of these modern geometric paper animal heads. There are loads of animal heads to choose from including flamingos, cats, lions and more. We also love the idea of hanging the same animal head in different colours like these bunny heads.

If you love a touch of whimsy, these are the animal heads for you. These handmade papier-mache animal heads are so striking and even more so when you display lots of them together. And that exposed brick wall adds even more interest to this feature wall.

This is such a simple and sweet idea for displaying an animal head — simply place a frame around it and it becomes a cool 3d piece of art. We also love the choice of the cute bear head.

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