Ask any kid if they’d like a bunk bed and the answer is almost always a big, fat YES! Bunk beds are not only so fun for kids but they’re super practical too.  They save so much space especially when you have a small room that has to be shared by 2 or 3 siblings or even a room for one since you can use the space under for a desk or other storage. The only problem you will have is a fight for the top spot!

You can buy some stunning bunk beds or you can customise your own. We especially like the idea of making your own as you really get to make the most of the space you have like in the picture at the top. They have created such a great shared space and by painting the area behind the top bed, it feels like a mini room. So clever! Whether you choose to buy a bunk bed or make your own, your kids will be delighted and you get to make the most of your space. We went looking for some bunk bed spaces that were inspiring and here’re our top picks:

This bunk bed is clearly custom made and it shows that the bed area can have a wardrobe and lots of storage, leaving the rest of the room clear for play. They’ve even built in drawers under the bed which is perfect for toys that the kids can easily get to.

This is a bed for three and it has been created by a mum for her kids. Of course, that mum is a designer but wow! Such a beautiful and space saving idea. It’s the oak details that really give this simple bunk bed the wow factor. Each bed also has a shelf behind the pillow area (which can’t be seen in this picture), so each kid can keep their bedtime things close by.

Of course, it’s not always possible to create a custom bunk bed for your kids. When you need to buy a bed, we love this Ikea Kura bed that has so many possibilities. Here they’ve got two beds, and the area under one of them has been left as a fun play space. The beds fit snugly into the corner leaving the rest of the floor space free for toys and fun stuff.

This is such a great idea — custom made beds using wooden crates. We have to admit that the top bed would make us a bit nervous as it looks likes it’s almost hung from the ceiling but we’re sure it’s safe and it does all look so cool. We love that they didn’t feel the need to put one bed exactly on top of the other which gives the room a feeling of space while still saving space.

All these bunk beds are so creative and clever. We love them all but we can’t stop admiring the custom made white and oak one. Which is your favourite?

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